Retirement Program for your horse
A sanctuary for your horse to live the bests life!

Located on two of Sonoma County's most beautiful ranches we offer premier services for your horses golden years. Whether a back yard trail horse or the winners circle performance horse we know it can be a difficult decision to let your long time friend go to a retirement farm. Here at Reis Ranch your horses health and well being is our top priority. We offer private accommodations and large pastures with shelter for small compatible herds.

Reis Ranch Penngrove - World Class Training Facility with a classroom in an indoor arena, large stalls, daily turn-outs and hot water wash rack.

Reis River Ranch Vineyards Petaluma - be inspired by the 630-acre landscape. Endless pastures, Petaluma River access, ponds, lakes, forever wild wetlands, Angus mama cows with babies, ancient oak trees and beautiful vista views .

Our Retired Care Package is all inclusive offering unparallel care.

Package Cost $700.00 per month, it includes:

  • Pictures taken upon arrival and e-mailed to owner
  • Regular updates including pictures and video
  • Kind handling everyday
  • 24 x24 Covered Pens going into stalls at night
  • Beautiful Sheltered Pens in closed herd groups going into stalls at night
  • Customized grain feeding program including feeding 2x/day; we soak feed for those horses that have dental challenges
  • Water troughs cleaned weekly
  • Blanketing/fly masks (blankets & fly masks provided by owner)
  • Fly spray as needed and provided by Reis Ranch
  • Light daily medicating and feeding of supplements (medications and supplements provided by owner)
  • De-worming
  • Scheduling of Hooves trimmed or shod ( paid by owner)
  • Scheduling of Annual vaccinations and Vet care ( costs paid by owner)
  • No holding fees for vet/farrier visits
  • Grooming and/or bathing 2x/month with heated wash rack
  • Treatment of injuries (minor cuts or scrapes treated at no extra charge)
  • Arrangements for chiropractic care, massage and acupuncture
  • Need something else not listed? Just ask us!

We take our responsibility in providing for your retired horses seriously.
We see it as providing complete care rather than just providing board.
Rest assured that when you send your horse to us for the comfortable retirement
they deserve they are treated like our own with kind handling
and tender loving care to live out the rest of their lives.

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